The only Way to Liberate the Country from Zanu-PF Rule is through the barrel of a gun – Chimurenga Brigade

By Staff Reporter
Chimurenga Brigage leader Cde Mujibha Ziwewera has encouraged Zimbabweans to rise up and defend themselves from 41 years of Zanu-PF oppression. Comrade Ziwerera told Chimurenga Radio News’ on Sunday: “At present, it’s impossible for us men to be free until we are self defence trained; I guarantee you that without weapons there will never again even be freedom in our country. We must go back to war” said Cde Ziwerera

A special session of parliament passed controversial legislation allowing Mnangagwa ‘s security forces unlimited powers . The bill also allows ministers to carry out martial law against certain political leaders deemed illegitimate by court order if they fail or obstruct reconciliation process with members at various levels. In exchange these laws give police power over all citizens being arrested across nation.
Meanwhile the Majority Party MDC Alliance has had its members of Parliament banned from attending Parliament by the Junta. There are also rumours that the Zanu-PF controlled ZEC is planning on Banning MDC Alliance Leader Cde Nelson Chamisa from contesting the elections.

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