Only credible, free and fair elections no banditry will lead to lifting of sanctions

by Phosiwe Ncube

Basotho bare “nama kapeletjwa ithuba lepetja”, this sums all in northern sotho, Sepedi about the behaviour of the army installed government of Zimbabwe.

Many supporters, appendages, bootlickers including willing tools have cried about the lifting of Western targeted sanctions, which they accuse of causing untold suffering to ordinary poor Zimbabweans,while they are the ones who called for them by operating a bandit state where gross human and peoples rights are trampled upon and untold horror stories are caused by their thugs who masquerade as army and police.

These people forget to blame sanctions on themselves since they invited them by operating opaque, violent and uncredited elections, which are only okayed by drinking buddies’ clubs and dictatorship props popularly known as Sadc and Author. These are only two organizations which see , hear no evil done by their thugs who call themselves government. Sanctions will continue being there as long as they accuse everyone and everybody serve themselves.

Recently an article was penned by another Chidiebere who happens to be a Nigerian scholar who blamed all except the so called Second republic ,he went on to elaborate that sanctions on Zimbabwe where called because of the violent land question.

The land question was supposed to be answered since stealing other people’s land under colonialism is bad. But the dogy and murky characters of the ZANU PF government are hell bent on blaming everyone and everybody but themselves. Hence you find the Convenor_in Chief of the League of Patriots whose name is Itai Gumbo claim teams across the political divide are going to play to show the world they is political tolerance henceforth the lifting of sanctions, The world is not blind everyone and everybody knows that in Zimbabwe they are surrogate opposition figures and parties which are basic an extension of ZANU PF. State institutions are captured leading to shambolic justice, immigration and security operations.

Courts give very vague interpretation of the law which has caused basically much suffering to the opposition, non governmental organisation and the general populace.

There is no rule of law but rule by the law in a biased fashion leading to gross human rights abuses.Itai thinks played a game of football will convince those who oppose the government that now it has changed. With the natural resources being handed to China people are moved from their ancestral lands without consultation but are pushed and shoved, the Chinese boasting connection to the highest office.

The Tshilonga people of Chiredzi were moved in highly controversial tribalistic manner to make way for their dodgy business.

Since Tshilonga is inhabited by people of Xitsonga_Shangani this government displayed its Shona supremacist attitude towards these inhabitants. Only a clean, responsible administration which will conduct credible, free and fair polls will allow sanctions to be lifted not the banditry and malfeasance displayed by the powers that be.

Phosiwe Ncube.

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