You’re not punishing Chamisa and CCC supporters by supporting a corrupt government, you’re destroying your own children’s future.

Hello Zimbabwe!
This is directed to the ruling Party leaders, the government leaders and every Zimbabwean who cares for our country.
No insults to anyone and no abuse.
This is the timeless, timely and tame truth.

You are not fixing or punishing Chamisa and CCC supporters by supporting a corrupt government, you are destroying your own children’s future. There is no trophy to win here, it’s people “s lives you are shortchanging including your country.

We are saying it’s time for a leadership that is most likely to take the country forward. Hapana munhu wamurikufizura/Akula muntu elimukhawulisayo by stubbornly pretending you are doing good, except your own children and their future too.

Haisi nyaya yekuti varakashi or machinja. It’s not about varungu coming to rule us . No one wants murungu/ikhiwa to come and rule us as you always notoriously advance this Lie.

I personally don’t want foreigners to take over our country whether they are from the East, West, South or North but the truth is that Zimbabwe needs foreign friends and to co-exist with developed countries. This is why ED has been repeatedly singing the same song called ‘Open for Business’ but all in vain.
Don’t pretend as if hamudi kushanda navo varungu as if you don’t know the benefits of doing so. They are not coming because they don’t trust the current government and we all know the reasons.

So we are saying, who is more likely to attract foreign investors(Not kutengesa nyika) between Nelson Chamisa and Mr Mnangagwa?
Don’t be stubborn being blinded by a false sense of victory just because you want to stop Chamisa. Zvigodiyi/Besekusithini?

The truth is ZanuPf’s victory is a loss to Zimbabwe right now. You are past your sell-by date no matter how much effort you put splashing the media with so called projects you want to be seen to be doing.
There is nothing new people expect from you after four decades in power. Even your projects are no longer appreciated because Zimbabweans know they are not genuine but vote buying antics.

Be reasonable, even the average age of your leadership clearly shows it’s not about the future but just to eat now.

I know old age is not a curse, but are you telling me among all of you that man is the best candidate you have to be President and for your children s future? If he is, he is the best in what?
That is what you were saying to Igwe RG MHSRIP), pretending not to see that the man was no longer taking us anywhere. You were showering him with false praises yet secretly you knew he had to go.
What is the difference?
Show me one leader at ZanuPf that you can say is for the future.

Forget about Vision 2030, a dream being spearheaded by leaders who are supposed to be pensioners.
They have played their part. Their best has past and it’s never been good enough. To put it in simple terms, they have failed.

This is why there is corruption at high level, makutengesa hupfumi hwenyika nemukoto because you don’t have a proper market internationally, consequently the forex you are making can not be accounted for, it is not benefiting the country and painfully it’s the ordinary citizens who are being prejudiced and bearing the brunt.

That is not what the Liberation war was fought for, to decolonise the country so that we oppress our own people.
There has to be a change and to be honest to each other.
Chamisa is the way forward and you know it that’s why you are blocking him. He is not an enemy but an option that even your own children would be better off with going forward after nature calls you.

You are forcing people into careers they don’t like and not gifted for. Farming, fishing, agriculture is not for everyone. These are not (Jobs) you claim to be creating!

Zimbabweans both young and old went to school, they had dreams, they went to colleges and universities with aims and hope. Why are you diverting them?
For an example, I am a Broadcaster, I am a Journalist, I am a Lawyer, I don’t need a fishing project and I am not a farmer.

Look at the exodus of skilled and even unskilled labourforce to other countries. Does it look normal to you? People are hungry and desperate. Look at how people are desperate to get a passport.

Create opportunities, open industries so that people have choices like other countries. A President commissioning a dam or a bridge that a Minister can will not generate personal credit to him but ridicule.
It’s a sign of desperation. A President should be signing and endorsing real deals with other Presidents from other countries, not donating Bicycles in Binga.

Some of you went to war and we really appreciate that. That was enough and we respect that, but you are undoing the good work you did in the trenches by your greediness and avarice for power and wealth.

Don’t be heartless. Retire as heroes. Quitting at the right time is leading too. Just leave gracefully and allow the younger generation to correct your mistakes. Don’t steal elections , don’t force love and don’t buy power. You won’t be killed or arrested.

It is a natural phenomenon that if you overstay in any Comfort zone, it soon becomes a Discomfort zone. Even in your own ZanuPf you are not even grooming young leaders!
It is time.
2023 is the Year of Citizens.
Register To Vote Now!
Vote for Change.
Vote for CCC.
God Bless Zimbabwe 🇿🇼!
God Bless its Citizens!
God Bless Africa!

Source : Nanette Allmark

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