Chinabwe : China Responds To Hoisting Chinese Flag At Zimbabwe Parliament

The Chinese Embassy in Harare has refuted claims that they have hoisted the flag of the People’s Republic of China at Zimbabwe’s new Parliament in Mt Hampden.

The embassy said the flag is at the site where the parliament is being constructed by China and will be removed once the project has been completed and handed over to Zimbabwe. Reads the statement:

Clarifications about the new building for Zimbabwean Parliament

Chinese flag is hoisted NOT at the Parliament, but the construction site where Chinese company is still working This is normal practice before project handover. Like all other China-funded projects, the flag will not stay after handover.

The new parliament building is built with China’s grants, NOT loans.

Some are spreading falsehoods about China’s assistance to Zimbabwe so that they are not kickedout of the queue for a handout from the paymasters.

Source Pindula News

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