GOVERNMENT has dismissed social media claims that Ximex Mall dealers were trading their toes in return for instant riches and warned people peddling the falsehoods they risk being arrested.

The warning comes after H-Metro visited Ximex Mall to establish the authenticity of the matter, where the team interviewed the dealers, with the majority dismissing it as a hoax.

The only dealer who claimed there was substance in the story, which has rocked social media, later claimed he was drunk and was only joking.

Speaking to ZBC News, after touring the area, Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Kindness Paradza, said Government has investigated the matter and established there was no truth to the issue.

He warned people against peddling falsehoods in a bid to tarnish the image of the country and reminded them they will face the music.

“As Government, we made some investigations into this issue and we assessed the status of the matter.

“There is nothing like that, it’s the act of social media peddlers who are trying to tarnish our country.

“They are also tarnishing the image of our citizens, who are working hard to earn a living, assuming that they are trading their toes to prosper.

“Vari kunzi vakaromba ivo vachiita basa riri smart and very clean, risina kana dambudziko.

“I talked to these young entrepreneurs, they are selling their gadgets without any problem,” he said.

Dep Min Paradza said culprits tarnishing the country will face the music.

“Zvigunwe zvavo zvese vanazvo, hapana asina zvigunwe zvakwakana zviri five.

“Such an issue is being circulated on social media and we want to warn people, that it is a crime to peddle falsehoods on social media.

“It tarnishes the image of the country, we will arrest them and they will be arrested,” he added.

Tomorrow, the dealers at Ximex Mall have challenged each other to come to work wearing slops to show the world they have all their toes intact. H Metro

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