Mliswa Attacks Mnangagwa’s anti-Zambia Propaganda Campaign : Difference between Zambia & Zim is that Zim is about talking while Zambia is implementing

Norton member of Parliament Hon Temba Mliswa has Criticised the government for embarking on an anti-Zambian propaganda campaign. Mliswa wrote on social media :

The difference between Zambia and Zimbabwe today is that we are all about talking while Zambia is implementing. Now we have a whole Government and party propaganda arsenal aimed at Zambia because by their success and action they are proving that we are just dumb by failing simple things.

We pushed this issue of sanitary pads with Hon Misihairambwi and Hon Majome but it all came to nothing. We couldn’t even implement something as basic as sanitary wear for school kids! We seem to have Ministers that are actually saboteurs. How we fail simple things is staggering.

We are now majoring on spreading propaganda instead of producing. Whole accounts and state communication handles are daily focused on scoffing at Zambia and can’t even see the stupidity of the whole enteprise.
The new Zambian administration has done more in a very short time and we should be challenged to do the same instead of just spewing useless propaganda and attacking Joseph Kalimbwe. We should be ashamed.

Source – Chimurenga News

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