Happy Birthday Leonard Karikoga Zhakata

We are NOT politicizing anything, or anyone or any form of politicking!!

It is what it is, he is a senior in the fight against corruption, the fight against mis rule.
Honestly, I am worried about how this perfect effort fails to have full recognition.
He turns 54 today having dedicated his life in fighting oppression, he fight for everyone who is disregarded, unfortunately non is seriously fighting him.

He is also disregarded, we must not wait for him to wear regalia, his words, his teaching, his dedication is worth more than wearing any Yellow t shirt or scarf.
To me he is the senior, he has done more and more for everyone, music is talking to God, music helps people to think twice.
His music has helped a lot in the struggle for a free Zimbabwe.

He is an inspiration to many and he inspires most of the 2quire pages we normally write here.

Its a Karikoga Leonard Zhakata day today.
Happy birthday baba, tinokushuvirayi zvidhafu dhafu.

Thank you for the music, its classic!!

Source : Simba


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